Sylvia Contest Results

November 2, 2011

Okay, first of all: thanks to everyone who participated. There were not many of you, which obviously makes you all very special :) Special thanks to Skye for polling extra people, to the Cool Ballot Club (Tasha, Ted, Nell, HJ, Skye, and Lauren D., I think) for using the original coupon to submit their votes, and to Dylan for breaking a couple of ties at the very end.

Scoring the contest required putting together a list with the most popular artist for each numbered place. That looked like this:

Winner Ballot

As you can see, several artists ended up in multiple places, meaning one could get no more than eight places correct. 

Scoring works like this: if your guess for first place corresponds with the most popular choice for that place, you get 12 points. For choosing the correct second place artist, you get 11 points. If you choose the artist most people chose for last place, you get one point. Theoretically the highest possible score is 78, but because of the duplicates, it’s actually 55. No one scored higher than 38. The lowest score was one. No one got zero. The average score was 20.5.

Now for the results. I believe that they are as awkward as it is possible for them to be. First of all, there’s a tie; two people got 38 points. Second, one of them is my brother. Third, one of them is one of the extra ballots Skye gathered.

So: Congratulations Ted! Congratulations Katie! Both of you are entitled to a book review by me, subject to the guidelines I laid down in the original post.

I hope everyone had fun–I certainly did, when I wasn’t stressing about my inability to get more votes. We should do this again sometime. Or, you know, something similar.




  1. Perhaps go for something a bit simpler next time – as someone who did participate, I found it quite fiddly. And trying to sort out the results must have been a nightmare!

    • Yeah, I know a few people were confused by it. But I didn’t really feel like I could simplify it, because I didn’t create the contest–just tried to reproduce it.

  2. Congratulations to the winners– and thanks for putting this little contest together! It really was a LOT of fun.

    • Thank you for joining in! I’m glad you had fun.

  3. Great job. It was my pleasure to help out with the project. I will let Katie know that she was one of the winners.

    • Thanks! And, as I think I said before, you’re welcome to partake of the prize too — you were massively helpful.

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