The Little Iliad ad

HEWLETT’S GREATEST WORK: Romance, Satire and a German

The Little Iliad

By MAURICE HEWLETT. Colored Frontispiece by Philip Burne-Jones. 12mo. $1.35 net.

A “Hewlett” that you and every one else will enjoy! It combines the rich romance of his earliest work with the humor, freshness and gentle satire of his more recent. The whimsical, delightful novelist has dipped his pen in the inkhorn of modern matrimonial difficulties and brings it out dripping with amiable humor, delicious but fantastic conjecture. Helen of Troy lives again in the Twentieth Century, but now of Austria; beautiful, bewitching, love-compelling, and with it all married to a ferocious German who has drianed the cup and is now squeezing the dregs of all that life has to offer. He has locomotor ataxia but that does not prevent his Neitschean will from dominating all about him, nor does it prevent Maurice Hewlett from making him one of the most interesting and portentous characters portrayed by the hand of an Englishman in many a day. Four brothers fall in love with the fair lady, — there are amazing but happy consequences. The author has treated an involved story in a delightful, naive and refreshing manner.


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