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Linda Lee, Incorporated

June 9, 2015

Sometime I’d like to read a book set in the silent film industry that’s not full of drug addiction and divorce and debt, and Linda Lee, Incorporated definitely isn’t it. But it does have a wealth of detail about how movies got made circa 1922, and it doesn’t take too many offensive moral stances on its characters’ behavior, so I’ll take it. It also doesn’t have much in common with The Lone Wolf, the only other book I’ve read by Louis Joseph Vance. He, as you may remember, was the one who spontaneously combusted. Or not, I guess, but, you know, let’s just say he did. Read the rest of this entry ?


The Lone Wolf

July 23, 2010

I was predisposed to like Louis Joseph Vance because he was found dead in his apartment in December 1933, burnt to a crisp from the waist up. Apparently there were suspicions that he’d just…gone up in flames one day, and spontaneous human combustion is, like, my favorite thing. Or, at least, I find the idea of it pretty entertaining.

But I think I would like Louis Vance even if he hadn’t spontaneously combusted. The Lone Wolf is the first book in a series about a gentleman burglar type, and while it wasn’t quite what I’d expected, I very much liked what it turned out to be instead. Read the rest of this entry ?