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Yesterday’s Acquisitions

October 11, 2008

Yesterday my father and I went to an auction of books and documents and prints and things. Because of the financial crisis, people weren’t bidding as high as expected, but even so the children’s books I was interested in buying were out of my reach. We did manage to get a folio of Japanese watercolors my mother wanted, though, and we bid on something signed by King James I, mostly because nobody else was, and it would have been kind of awesome if we had won.

But not getting anything at the auction gave me an excuse to buy a book of drawings by Charles Dana Gibson — The Social Ladder — that I’d been looking at last weekend. It’s in terrible condition — it’s literally falling apart — but the drawings themselves are intact, even if the pages they’re on aren’t completely. And I got it for less than half of the lowest price I’ve found online. And then I bought a copy of Louisa May Alcott’s Life, Letters and Journals, which I initially thought was signed by Alcott, but which in fact just has a facsimile signature below her photograph on the frontispiece. Fortunately, I was neither very surprised nor disappointed, and I’m still pretty pleased about the price I got it for.

The woman in the store where I bought both books also threw in a 60s paperback by Viola Rowe called Freckled and Fourteen. I plan on posting about all three books in depth, and if I can manage it, I’d like to photograph and post the whole of the Gibson book.


Our Friend the Dog

September 6, 2008

Our Friend the Dog, written by Maurice Maeterlinck and illustrated by Cecil Alden. I have to admit, I haven’t actually read this book. But I kind of love the pictures.


The Motor Car Dumpy Book

March 25, 2008


“These are the kind of clothes you wear when you go moting if you are a man.”


“These are the kind of clothes you wear when you go moting if you are a woman.

“This is the magistrate who fines you £20 if you have been driving too fast. It is best not to drive too fast.”

The Motor Car Dumpy Book, by T.W.H. Crosland


Home Taxidermy

October 31, 2007

I came across this book once while looking browsing in the library basement a couple of years ago. It still kind of scares me.

Home Taxidermy for Pleasure and Profit;
A Guide for Those Who Wish to Prepare and Mount Animals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, etc., for Home, Den, or Office Decoration

Home Taxidermy

ETA: I’ve been scrolling through, looking at the illustrations and stopping to read a little here and there, and this thing is hilarious. Check out these pictures:

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Patty in Paris, illustrations.

September 8, 2007

Patty on the ship.
Frontispiece. A long blue veil tied her trim little hat in place. Read the rest of this entry ?


Miss Billy illustrations

September 5, 2007

When I wrote about Miss Billy’s Decision the other day, I sort of wrote my way into being really annoyed with it. So, while I’d intended to write something about Miss Billy Married, I’m putting it off indefinitely. If anyone is particularly interested, let me know, and I will get to it, I’ll just work myself into a good mood reading more Patty Fairfield books first.

For now, here are the frontispieces of the two later Miss Billy books.

Miss Billy’s Decision:

Miss Billy’s Decision

For some reason I find her hair really entertaining.

Miss Billy Married:

Miss Billy Married

Very Leighton-esque, isn’t it?

Also, I have put up a page with the illustrations from Patty at Home here.


The Queen of the Pirate Isle

May 16, 2007


Remember how Little Old New York claimed to be “profusely illustrated”? Well, their definition of “profuse” clearly didn’t agree with mine. I’d be more inclined to apply the phrase to The Queen of the Pirate Isle, written by Bret Harte and illustrated by Kate Greenaway. In general, I like Greenaway’s work, and this batch of illustrations is very enjoyable, despite — or perhaps partly because of — the fact that the main character’s clothes seem to change period at random.
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