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Pam Decides

September 4, 2012

I read Pam Decides, the sequel to Pam, on Sunday. A note at the beginning suggests that Pam was never intended to have a sequel, but I occasionally felt, as I read Pam Decides, that Pam existed for no other reason than to provide an excuse for one. Which isn’t true, but tells you a little bit about how I feel about both. I still like Pam, a lot, which is to say that I still find it frustrating and delightful and moving and difficult to describe. But my thoughts and feelings about Pam Decides are a little different.

When we last saw Pamela Yeoland, she had just been left penniless, homeless and friendless by the death of her grandfather. Her loving but neglectful parents were abroad somewhere. James Peele had proposed that Pam become his mistress after he married her cousin Henrietta, causing her to lose all respect for him. Eight years later, Pam’s 27th birthday finds her living in a boarding house in London with Jane Pilgrim, her old nurse, and making a scant living by writing romance novels. Read the rest of this entry ?



August 6, 2012

I tried to write a description of the plot of Bettina von Hutton’s Pam, but I found that I couldn’t remember anyone’s name. That’s okay, though. Aside from Pam Yeoland and her totally delightful grandfather, the characters aren’t really the point, and neither is the plot. Actually, although I liked the book a lot, at first I wasn’t sure what the point was. I’m still not, really, but I think it might be turning tropes upside down, and I am in favor of that. Read the rest of this entry ?