Patty at Home, Illustrations.

These are Francis Miller’s illustrations for the first edition of Patty at Home. I snagged them from Google Books. (Best thing about Google Books? Their affiliation with the New York Public Library, which just scans everything willy-nilly.)


Frontispiece. “‘They does favor me, don’t they, Missy?’ exclaimed Mancy.”

Patty is bemused by the fact that her new cook (Emancipation Proclamation Jackson) is decorating her room with brightly colored soap advertisements.


Facing Page 48. “Oh, do take me, miss.”

Patty’s servant-finding problem seems to be solving itself

. patty-at-home.png

Facing Page 110. Miss Daggett calls.

Miss Daggett’s bark is worse than her bite. Also, anyone related to Kenneth Harper can’t be all bad.


Facing page 156. “I’m a Columbia student.”

Kenneth Harper’s very first appearance ever. He and Patty introduce themselves at Mr. Hepworth’s studio.


Facing page 232. “There they are now!”

Patty and Kenneth meet the Barlows’ train.


Facing page 268. “I — I feel as if I ought to call you Miss Fairfield.”

It shouldn’t really come as this much of a surprise to Kenneth to find that Patty cleans up nice. This image obviously didn’t scan too well, but I think we all know that there is a top to Patty’s head.


  1. Wow, these are great! None of my Patty books has any illustrations (except for the picture of Patty herself on the covers). Also I note that none of the illustrators seems to make Patty as blonde as Wells describes her.

  2. In the first four illustrations she seems to have strangely chipmunk-y cheeks.

    • I agree, and can only assume that it would have been considered attractive at the time.

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