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Little Old New York: Pictures

March 20, 2007

 So, apparently I’m incapable of holding my camera still while it takes a picture. Also, I can’t turn the flash on. So when tried to photograph the illustrations from Little Old New York, they all ended up dark and blurry. But some of them weren’t quite as awful after I’d fiddled with them, and here those are. I miss the scanner on my broken printer.

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Little Old New York

March 19, 2007

Yesterday I read Little Old New York, by Rida Johnson Young. I wasn’t going to write about things that weren’t available for free online, but to hell with that. This way I get to talk about pictures!

Anyway, I found this book at my grandparents’ apartment last year along with an early Edward Stratemeyer book, two or three Pollyanna sequels, an attractive edition of The Mill on the Floss, and maybe a couple of other things too. At the time, it was the part of my haul I was most excited about it, so I wanted to save it for last, and then I forgot about it and didn’t pick it up again until I needed something to read on the train back from school yesterday. Read the rest of this entry ?