Patty’s Romance

September 16, 2014

The books in the series are very much running together for me by the time I get to Patty’s Romance, and this one is no exception. Although I guess that’s a funny thing to day about a book that has, as its central incident, Patty’s kidnapping.

I mean, it’s not the most dramatic kidnapping. There’s kind of a cool bit where the various members of the Kenerley household, where Patty’s staying, slowly come to the realization that she must have been taken. But after that, there’s not much suspense, just a lot of men talking about how they don’t believe in paying ransom normally, but it’s different when it’s Patty. She never seems to be in much danger, unless it’s of dying of boredom, and we see very little of the kidnappers.

Patty cleverly brings about her own rescue, but it’s then carried out by Phil Van Reypen, which, as you can imagine, doesn’t make me very happy. It’s the high point of Phil behavior in this book, the low point coming when he tells her she’s not smart enough to play golf. That happens post-rescue, when Phil and his aunt take Patty on a trip to…oh, I don’t know, every mountain resort in the northeast. That’s what it feels like, anyway.

Phil gets another shot at rescuing Patty at one of these, thanks to a character who seems to exist solely for the purpose of stealing their boat and leaving them stranded on a small island. But Bill Farnsworth shows up and saves his life/steals his thunder. Which I guess is representative of his now obvious status as Wells’ favorite. Especially if you think about Mr. Hepworth rescuing Patty when her boat comes unmoored in Patty’s Summer Days.

Anyway, at this point if you’re paying attention you know that Patty’s going to fall in love with Bill eventually, and maybe that’s why Wells keeps heaping praise on Phil — because she feels sorry for him, or because she’s trying to cover her tracks. Or because it seems too much like Patty’s in love with  Bill already. There’s a fine line between “Bill’s always been kind of special to her” and “why does Patty keep saying she’s not in love with anyone?”

So, this book isn’t one of my favorites, but it’ll do, mostly thanks to Bill. And I’m enjoying him as much as I can, because, if I recall correctly, I’m going to like him a lot less two or three books from now.


  1. I can see I am going to have to give in and read all the Patty books. I have avoided them up until now but I realize I can’t hold out much longer. I just don’t know WHEN I’ll have time to do it.

    • They’re awesome books, really (for the most part), although as our hostess notes, not a lot actually happens– it’s mostly parties and having fun, and sometimes that’s just what you want to read!

    • Ooh, have fun! But keep in mind that not all of them are available online.

      • I finished Patty Fairfield and all I can say is, Why didn’t I listen to you long ago about these books! I loved it and am now reading Patty At Home. Patty in the City, which is next, seems to be one of the ones not available online.

        • Yeah, I’ve tried to find Patty in the City online, but the best I’ve found is a preview on Google Books. It introduces a bunch of new characters, too, so it’s not a great one to skip.

  2. I just started on Patty’s Butterfly Days for the millionth time last nite! It was the first one I read 40 years ago and remains my fav to this day. Team Bill all the way! Tho the story of Philip really does take an interesting twist in the last book!

    • It’s a good one. It’s actually one of the first few I read, because it was one of the first ones to be available online.

      Phil’s story definitely takes a turn, but I don’t like him any more then than I do the rest of the time.

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