Soliciting opinions on things

July 21, 2014

First of all, I had a “wow, the banner i created in 2007 using my minimal Photoshop skills is kind of terrible-looking” moment this morning. Is that just me, or…?

The other thing is that I’ve been looking through one of my many lists of books to read, and it’s kind of overwhelming. So, regular readers of this blog, what’s the one book you feel like I should have reviewed, but haven’t?


  1. I’ve always liked your banner! One thing I dislike about many blogs is the pictures that make the site so slow to load (I have a very slow computer). This is a blog about the written word so it doesn’t need lots of pictures.

    • Thanks! I’m not thinking of changing the layout, or adding lots of pictures, just maybe getting a new theme and banner.

  2. I’d like to see your opinion of Nell Speed’s “Tucker Twins” books – or at least the first one.

    • I definitely want to give those a try, although my failure to get through the Molly Brown books was kind of disheartening.

  3. I like that I can actually navigate the blog without having to wait on drop-downs, etc.

    • I don’t want to do a functional redesign, but I though it might be a good idea to make things look a little nicer.

  4. I like the concept of the current banner, but if you wanted to update the site a little, I’m sure that would be fresh and attractive! New graphics can be exciting even if they’re similar in theme. But actually your site has always been enjoyable for me, no particular issues with the design.

    • Thanks! That’s pretty much how I’m feeling about it–everything works, but I would like some nicer graphics. Sadly, I don’t think my skills have improved since I created the last one.

  5. If you’re actually dissatisfied with the design, then you should change it, but I found out today that WordPress is so much more annoying than it used to be, formatting-wise, so heads up for that.

    • I’ve never gotten all that deep into the technical side of WordPress–or at least, I’ve done more of that with the website at work than with the blog. All I really want to do is change the theme and come up with a new banner.

  6. I come to you for book ideas to read, so I’d only be suggesting things I’ve already read, and I guess I don’t need your opinion of those! ha ha he he
    But for others who might like her, you could try Anna Balmer Myers “Amanda: a Daughter of the Mennonites”, “Patchwork; a Story of the Plain People” & “Madonna of the Curb”
    I found her while looking for Amish like books in the public domain.
    Her people are plain or Mennonnite,
    Amanda was good.
    I’m about 1/3 through Madonna, and I’m liking it so far. It starts in a New Jersey slum and takes the 11 y.old heroine to a reformatory for girls. I loved this part. But now she’s looking for her roots and is heading to Lancaster PA.

    I like the plain look of the site. But if you want to go fancy, I’m behind you!

    • Those sound like fun. And I’m always open to recommendations, although this time around I’m really looking for things I should have read/reviewed but haven’t.

      Also, you were asking about the illustrations in the banner, right? The guy at the desk is from The Mysterious Shin Shira. The girls are from an illustration in a piece in a comic strip reprint magazine. I think the magazine is in a box right now, but when I find it I’ll post the whole picture, which is pretty cool.

  7. I love your banner!

    • Thanks. It’s just been looking pretty amateurish to me lately.

  8. I hasten to add that the reason I don’t visit the site and so see the banner etc. is that I read your posts in LiveJournal. So I do see every post!

    • That’s what RSS is for!

  9. I like your design, but there’s nothing wrong with trying out something new. Keep the old files around and you could always change back if you like.

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