I invented a game.

January 28, 2013

The Redeeming Qualities Bookshelf is, for once, relatively up to date, which is nice. I’m so enamored of the tagging system that I’ve been making a game out of it — I look through the tag list, pick out a few, and come up with a story synopsis to match. For bonus points (although I can’t really claim to have any points system worked out at all) I add an author or time period tag and try to fit my description to it.

I’d love it if people would come play this game with me! Give me a short list of tags, or write something to fit one of these:

artists, bigamy, missingjewels, Arabia, spies

socialandclassissues, Massachusetts, hypnotism, gardening, 1880s

friendship, DepartmentStores, amnesia, MargaretWiddemer, nature

pirates, phoneticspelling, sequel, teenagers, travelogue


  1. In a sequel to The Parent Trap, the twins decide to go to Europe after watching too many episodes of Downton Abbey. They stow away on a ship only to realize they’re on a pirate ship. Uh-oh! Will their parents be able to stop fighting over what their jamesrobbish text messages mean in time to find them? And why are pirates so cute?

    • That sounds like a totally plausible thing to pitch to the Disney Channel.

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