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When Ghost Meets Ghost

December 5, 2012

I think I’ve been over the whole William De Morgan thing before — how he was an excellent and super-important Arts & Crafts potter, how he had a second career as a bestselling novelist around the time he hit retirement age, how the mere mention of Joseph Vance renders me completely inarticulate, etc. It’s not his second career itself that’s so surprising — it’s that he was so good, and that he’s been so completely forgotten.

I keep wanting to make wild pronouncements about de Morgan writing postmodern pastiches of Victorian novels when the Victorian Era had barely ended, but I worry that I’m pushing it. I’ve read three of his books now, and while I don’t think that When Ghost Meets Ghost is quite as good as Somehow Good, or that much of anything is as good as Joseph Vance, it may be the most William De Morgan-y of William De Morgan’s books, and I continue to be impressed with William De Morgan. Read the rest of this entry ?