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i am terrible at this updating-on-a-schedule thing: 10/17/11

October 17, 2011

Sunday evenings I never seem to want to do much, but it’s not like it would have taken me more than five minutes to update last night. This past week I:

a) realized that, while Jane Talbot may share a few themes with the Gothic, it is by no means a Gothic novel,

b) decided to read Sophia Lee’s The Recess instead, only to find that I couldn’t get a text of it onto my kindle, and

c) switched to The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne, because I know I’m capable of getting through something by Ann Radcliffe in pretty good time.

Oh, and I read some more of The Contested Castle.

I do plan on going back to Jane Talbot soon, because it’s both enjoyable and fascinating.