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(belated again) week in books: 10/9/11

October 10, 2011

I feel like my reading has been kind of scattered and unfocused lately. So, this week I finished the Georgette Heyer book I started last weekend. Then I read half of Charles Brockden Brown’s Jane Talbot, which I’m reviewing for the Classics Circuit’s Gothic Lit tour later this month. Then I read a chunk of one of Carolyn Wells’ lesser children’s books, The Story of Betty, which I ready in bite-sized chunks because it’s falling apart and I can’t take it anywhere. Then I reread the first couple of chapters of The Contested Castle, which is a really enjoyable analysis of Gothic literature in relation to the ideal of the home. It’s already been helpful in relation to Jane Talbot — I wasn’t really seeing how it was Gothic, but now I’m having an easier time picking out the relevant themes.

ETA: I’m not sure what it says that I read Harold Bell Wright’s The Eyes of the World yesterday and completely forgot about it.