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week in books: 9/18/11

September 18, 2011

Another slow reading weeks. I read The Lamp in the Desert, and reviewed it, and then for some reason I went straight on to another Ethel M. Dell book — The Bars of Iron. I didn’t get very far before I switched to Rafael Sabatini’s The Suitors of Yvonne, of which my review is forthcoming. I may go back to The Bars of Iron, once I’ve got past the fact that the hero and heroine are named, respectively, Piers Evesham and Avery Denys.

Now I’ve started Samuel Hopkins Adams’ The Clarion, and so far, so good, but it’s very different from the other two books of his that I’ve read.

Also: have you sent in your entry to the Sylvia contest yet? I’d really appreciate it if you did — it doesn’t even need to take more than five minutes. I can’t come up with credible results without data.