Joseph Vance

August 15, 2011

It’s been more than two weeks now since I finished Joseph Vance, and I’m now slowly coming to the conclusion that I like it too much to write a review of it. It’s a shame, because it’s pretty awesome — like David Copperfield, only less squishy (and I mean that with all possible respect to David Copperfield).

When I read Somehow Good, I thought William de Morgan was secretly awesome. Now I think he’s criminally underrated.


  1. That’s why god invented LOLcats–to help you express the major awesomes of life that are inexpressible. ;)

  2. What are you using to read these books? Just reading them on the web? I can’t figure out how to download anything (even public domain books like this) onto my computer in ePUB or PDF from the new Google Books site. If you know of instructions anywhere that would be fantastic.

    • The new Google books site isn’t very well designed, I know. I read a physical hardcover of Joseph Vance, but it isn’t too hard to download the epub or pdf. If you go to the main page for Joseph Vance, or for any free Google ebook, you’ll see a box at the right side of the page with a picture of a book and a red button that says “get it now.” Below that button is another button, and below that is a link that says “Read on your device.” Click on that, and scroll to the bottom of the page o which it takes you. There you’ll have the option of downloading a pdf or epub.

      I recommend the pdf, which is made up of the scanned images of the pages of the book. For the epub, those images are run through optical character recognition software, which translates them into editable text, often with lots of typos.

      • Thank you!

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