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Rogues & Company

March 13, 2011

Rogues & Company (written by I.A.R. Wylie, recommended by Anshika) has all the ingredients of something impossibly awesome. A young man wakes up on a doorstep with a bump on his head and no memory of who he is, and two possibilities soon present themselves. He could be famous burglar Slippery Bill (Pro: he has Slippery Bill’s famous lucky golden pig in his pocket. Con: he doesn’t feel like a criminal. Positively identified by: Slippery Bill’s brother), but it’s equally possible that he’s Count Louis de Beaulieu, who escaped from a nearby hospital with a concussion (Pro: the location of the bump on his head. Con: he doesn’t speak French. Positively identified by: the Count’s fiancée). Our amnesiac is pretty sure he’s the burglar, but he’d much rather be the Count, because he’s fallen in love with the fiancée.

Things get progressively more ridiculous in a way that should be delightful, and probably is…only I found as I went on that I increasingly regarded oncoming plot twists with dread rather than glee. On the plus side, I think that was because I was having no trouble identifying with the protagonist. But then, I also kept feeling like I ought to be having more fun.