The Semi-Detached House

August 29, 2010

I almost wasn’t going to post about The Semi-Detached House, because I like it too much and have little else to say about it. It’s just a book about (mostly) nice people who meet and (mostly) really like each other. Also it’s very funny. I wholeheartedly recommend it.


ETA: The link above goes to the UPenn Celebration of Women Writers page, which is awesome, and worth browsing, but the book is also available at Google Books.



  1. I love this book; I agree that most of its charm comes from the way that the characters are so likeable. I second the recommendation!

    • A lot of the time books try to tell you that characters are friends, but Eden really makes you believe it, doesn’t she?

  2. Just popping in, years after the original post, to recommend the Librivox recording of this book.

    I stumbled across it because I’ve been sampling all the Librivoxes recorded by Elizabeth Klett (one of the best voices they have), and found that I really liked this novel. I’ll be getting a text copy of it.

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