One month to Captain Blood Day

August 19, 2010

I realize I’m not getting a very high rate of audience participation here, but I’d appreciate it if you could take the time to press a button or two.

And if so, would you mind letting me know which ones?


  1. I’m pretty sure that I’ve read Captain Blood and positive that I read Scaramonche, The Tavern Knight, and The Sea-Hawk. Captain Blood and Scaramouche are well known of course, but if you haven’t read it yet, give The Tavern Knight a try. I found it to be a fun read.

    • I have read The Tavern Knight. It’s…not one of my favorites. If I recall correctly, my main problem with it was that it seemed like only the hero and heroine were allowed to be decent people, and the other characters were given to randomly losing their sense of honor at convenient moments for the plot. But really, I don’t remember it very well.

      Also: thanks for commenting!

  2. I couldn’t comment on DW ‘cos I don’t have access, so I decided to here, re: Emily Eden, who I love!

    The Semi-Attached Couple is a little melodramatic & sentimental with the main couple, but the secondary characters are awesome & hilarious.

    My Virago paperback has a blurb that says something like, “sadly Jane Austen only wrote six novels, but fortunately when one is tired of rereading there’s Emily Eden” which I think is a little hyperbolic, but what can you do.

    Sady I have read no Sabatini. Should I? iirc, they’re in the first person, which I don’t tend to like. But no, perhaps I am thinking of Jeffrey Farnol.

    • I think you might be one of the people I heard about Emily Eden from.

      I have the Virago, too, and actually all three of the blurbs on the back compare her to Jane Austen. And definitely the comparisons are there to be made, but I keep being reminded of other things, not all of which I can put a finger on.

      I’m about halfway through The Semi-Attached Couple, and I do like it a lot, but does Eden ever stop trying to drive home the point that Lady Portmore always needs to be the center of attention?

      Sabatini is both free of first person and far superior to Jeffrey Farnol, although he definitely has his flaws. Scaramouche and Captain Blood are the best two books, but I think people are also disposed to like the ones set in periods of which they are fond–one of my favorites is The Snare, the Napoleonic Wars one, but the official Sabatini site says it’s no good. On the other hand, I think the official Sabatini site and I may have wildly different standards. Also, there are some books that only people who love Sabatini should read, like St. Martin’s Summer.

      p.s. I think I have succeeded in giving you access on DW.

  3. I loved Captain Blood. Scaramouche is on my Kindle but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

    Trying to convince my 12 year old son to read Sabitini. I know he’d enjoy those books.

    • Scaramouche is wonderful, and I expect that it will drag you in as soon as you start reading it–it does have one of the best first lines ever.

      Thanks for responding!

  4. I’ve read Scaramouche, and though not a favorite it was very enjoyable. I’ve seen the movies Scaramouche and Captain Blood, but I don’t think that counts…

    • I think Captain Blood does best in terms of book-to-movie faithfulness. Scaramouche doesn’t do so well. The movie of The Sea Hawk, incidentally, bears absolutely no relation to the plot of the novel from which it seems to be adapted.

  5. Well, don’t know whether my reply will count but still…
    Sabatini is my favourite writer. For me it’s much easier to tell what I haven’t read by him up to now then to enumerate the rest.
    Of course, I’ve read Captain Blood & Scaramouche & Sea Hawk which were the first books by Sabatini I’ve found. Wanna say that Scaramouche wasn’t one of my favourites in childhood but when I reread it some years after from the beginning to end in one day I was impressed at last. Maybe sometimes it’s necessary that the certain book should be opened at the right moment.
    I don’t like The Tavern Knight & The Minion, these are the two novels I’ve never reread up to now.
    As to my most favourite ones I can name The Romantic Prince, Chivalry & King in Prussia. They impressed me most. The latter greatly surprised with the quantity of unexpected events in the book.
    At the moment I’m in the process of reading The Life of Cesare Borgia & I liked the historic story about Joan of Arc from his Historic Lives, the rest of the stories haven’t read yet.

    • Thanks for commenting! My poll is over — I posted that a couple of years ago — but I’m always happy to hear about peoples’ Sabatini opinions. I haven’t read The Minion, but I also didn’t like The Tavern Knight much, so maybe I should avoid it. Also, The Romantic Prince is totally underrated.

      • Oh, yes, it’s always great to discuss something you like with someone who shares your taste. I’m glad to have been useful.
        Well, never in my life I would recommend someone to read The Minion. One of my friends told me that this is the book where there are no positive characters & another added that there was one good character but he was killed. The hero & the heroine leave much to be desired. The only perhaps worthy thing in the novel is the language. So, maybe it’s a good idea not to waste time for reading the novel though, of course, who knows? Every opinion is subjective.
        And oh, I love the Romantic Prince… It’s a pity that most of those who read Captain Blood never even heard about The RP, especially that is a problem for Russians as it was never translated as well as Chivalry & the King in Prussia.
        P.S. Always ready to discuss the books by my favourite writer.

        • I think most of the people who read Captain Blood don’t ever hear about any of the rest of his books. I don’t know if Sabatini is more popular in Russia than in the United States, but his books are rarely even in bookstores here. The only ones that are usually not too hard to find are Captain Blood, Scaramouche and The Sea Hawk.

          • I don’t know either but the situation with books was the same for a long time. Fortunately, some years ago they started to re-issue some other books, so now it is not so difficult to find something different like St. Martin’s Summer, Bellarion the Fortunate, Love-At-Arms and even The Marquis of Carabas.
            And could I ask you what books by Sabatini you read & which ones are your favourite?

            • It’s hard to remember off the top of my head which ones I’ve read, but they include Scaramouche, Captain Blood, The Snare, Bellarion the Fortunate, Bardelys the Magnificent, The Romantic Prince, The Trampling of the Lilies, The Sea Hawk, St. Martin’s Summer, The Tavern Knight, The Suitors of Yonne, The Lost King, and a LOT of his early short stories.

              I think my favorites are Captain Blood, The Snare, Scaramouche and Bellarion. And maybe The Trampling of The Lilies and The Romantic Prince.

              • Thank you for your reply. Will I be permitted to ask what attracted you in The Trampling of the Lilies & the RP that those became your favourite ones? Just very curious.

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