Stammering, Its Cause and Cure

July 29, 2009

I kind of want to quote all of the prefatory material from Stammering, Its Cause and Cure, because it just gets better and better. I mean, the title is pretty great, for starters. Then the author, Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue, is described as “A Chronic Stammerer for Almost Twenty Years; Originator of the Bogue Unit Method of Restoring Perfect Speech; Founder of the Bogue Institute for Stammerers and Editor of the “Emancipator,” a magazine devoted to the Interests of Perfect Speech.” Then there’s a dedication to his mother, “that wonderful woman whose unflagging courage held me to a task that I never could have completed alone and who when all others failed, stood by me, encouraged me and pointed out the heights where lay success.”

Then there’s the table of contents, which starts with “Part I–My Life as a Stammerer,” and contains such sections as “A Stammerer Hunts a Job,” and “Can Stammering be Cured by Mail.”

The book seems to be among other things, an advertisement encouraging parents to send their stammering children to the Bogue Institute, which is presided over by Mr. Bogue and his mother.

No offense to anyone with a speech defect, of course, and I’m sure Mr. Bogue had the best of intentions and possibly even some success, but…”these experiences, however, were valuable to me, even though they were costly, for they taught me a badly-needed lesson, to wit: That drugs and medicines are not a cure for stammering. “


  1. plz sent the content of the book via email

    • I don’t send people the content of the books I post about, mostly because you can quite easily click on the link I’ve provided and find it for yourself.

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