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The Red Thumb Mark/The Eye of Osiris

January 11, 2009

Apparently a guy named Julian Symons once described reading R. Austin Freeman’s Dr. Thorndyke books as being “very much like chewing dry straw.” I have now read two Dr. Thorndyke mysteries, and I kind of want to  smack Mr. Symons, because Dr. Thorndyke is awesome, and Freeman’s style, while dry, is also very witty. I could take or leave the formulaic romances that feature so prominently in the books, but I can also see that they’re necessary to the flow of the stories. And while I do find it difficult to believe that even in the 1910s people were not able to tell two-year-old bones from two thousand-year-old ones, I’m no expert on that sort of thing. Otherwise, I found no major faults in The Red Thumb Mark and The Eye of Osiris. And the minor ones generally added to my enjoyment. Read the rest of this entry ?