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The lost outlines of “Carolyn” “Keene”

October 8, 2008

I found this Nancy Drew parody the other day and I think it’s excellent. Cleolinda Jones has distilled the Nancy Drew books to their predictable and ridiculous, yet hugely enjoyable, essence.

“E. Stop meddling, Nancy Drew! We’re so dangerous that we

1. made a threatening call to your house!
2. left a threatening letter in your mailbox!
3. ran you off the road!
4. broke into your bedroom!
5. drugged and kidnapped you!
6. left you

a. tied up in a closet!
b. rolled up in a blanket! A really dangerous blanket!
c. locked up someplace where NO ONE WILL EVER FIND YOU!

1. (except that George totally does)
2. (except that Bess totally does)
3. (except that Ned totally does)
3b. (not that you’re going to put out, even so)”

Read the rest here.


Books for Sale!

October 8, 2008

As of today, Redeeming Qualities has a new feature: books for sale through Amazon.

There are books I have multiple copies of, books I read and enjoyed but don’t feel I need to keep, and books I didn’t like that much but hope to match up with someone they’re better suited to. And, of course, I’m one of those people who can’t resist buying attractive copies of books I already have.

That adds up to quite a few books I don’t need to keep, and I could just cart them over the the nearest used book store, but I want to nudge them in the direction of good homes. My hope is that people will be able to read about a book here, decide it sounds interesting, and go straight to my store to buy it, because really, this blog is all about gtting people to read books that I’ve enjoyed.

I’m started by putting up seven Patty Fairfield books that I have multiple copies of. The Patty Fairfield Reference Page is consistently the most-visited page here, and although most of the people who have commented about Patty already have the complete collection, that only shows how well-loved they are.