The Life He Led Her!

November 13, 2007

The titles of some of the many stories written by Henry St John Cooper, who wrote under the name Mabel St John. I believe that most if not all of these were serials in cheap magazines. All were written between the mid 1910s and 1930.

Most Cruelly Wronged
The Outcast Of Crowthorpe College
The Best Woman In The World!
Faults On Both Sides
The Ticket-Of-Leave Girl
Married To Her Master
Sally In Our Alley
Fine Feathers!
When A Girl’s Pretty
John Jordan, Slave-Driver
Too Wilful For Words!
The Worst Wife IN The World
‘How The Money Goes!’
Born In Prison
The ‘Sixpenny Ha-Penny’ Duchess
His Sealed Lips!
‘Dolly Daydreams!’
Her Stolen Baby
Ashamed Of The Shop
Mill-Lass O’ Mine!
The Wife Who Dragged Him Down!
The Wife Who Would Be ‘Master’!
Wedded But Not Wooed
In The Shadows!
‘Mad For Dress!’
A Jealous Wife’s Revenge!
Mabel St John’s Schooldays, Told By Herself
‘Wife – Or Housekeeper?’
The Brute!
‘We Want Our Mummy!’
His Wife – Or His Mother?
The Girl Who Married The Wrong Man!
‘I’m Not A Common Girl!’
Secrets Of The Shop!
Poisoned Lives!
‘Too Old For Her Husband!’
She Wrecked Their Home!
‘Go Borrowing – Go Sorrowing!’
Shamed By Her Husband!
She Posed As Their Friend!
‘She Shall Never Call You Mother!’
Longing For Love!
Some Mother’s Child!
The Daughter He Didn’t Want!
The Life He Led Her!
And Still She Loved Him!
Rivals At School – Rivals Through Life!
The Man Who Married Again
‘He’ll Never Marry You!’
She Sold Her Child!
‘Tied To Her Apron Strings!’
His Wife – Or His Work?
His Wife’s Secret!
Utterly Alone!
‘Nobody Wants You!’
A Beggar At Her Husband’s Door!
Wedded – But Alone!

One comment

  1. Henry St. John (1869-1926) was certainly a very prolific writer of both boys’ and girls’ stories. I know his girls’ stories from the story papers of the Amalgamated Press – most particularly, The Girl’s Friend. His creation, Pollie Green, was incredibly successful in the immediate pre-Great War era. The stories that appeared in these girls’ story papers were recycled in The Girls’ Friend Library, often being reprinted.

    It is sad that these stories are so little remembered now – I’m very lucky to have a number of these stories, and they are fascinating. My particular favourite of the stories penned by Mabel St John, is Jane Em’ly, which featured in the Girl’s Friend of 1911, being reprinted in the Girl’s Friend Library almost immediately (GFL No. 60, December 1911), and was reprinted after the war in No. 389, of May 1921.

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