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September 12, 2007

The Sea-Hawk

By RAPHAEL SABATINI I2mo. Cloth. $1.25 net.

Sabatini has startled the reading public with this magnificent romance. It is a thrilling treat to find a vivid, clean-cut adventure yarn. Sincere in this we beg you brothers, fathers, husbands, and comfortable old bachelors, to read this tale and even to hand it on to your friends of the fairer sex, provided you are certain that they do not mind the glint of steel and the shrieks of dying captives.

The Woman in the Car

By RICHARD MARSH 12mo. $1.35 net.

Do you like a thrilling tale? If so, read this one and we almost guarantee that you will not stir from your chair until you turn the last page. As the clock struck midnight on one of the most fashionable streets of London in the Duchess of Ditchling’s handsome limousine, Arthur Towzer, millionaire mining magnate, is found dead at the wheel, horribly mangled. Yes, this is a tale during the reading of which you will leave your chair only to turn up the gas. When you are not shuddering, you are thinking; your wits are balanced against the mind and system of the famous Scotland Yard, the London detective headquarters. The men or women who can solve the mystery without reading the last few pages will deserve a reward, — they should apply for a position upon the Pinkerton force.


  1. Why, you do indeed have a Sabatini tag. Marvelous! It’s wonderful not to be alone in the world.

    I hope you don’t mind that I’ve added you to my blogroll.

  2. Not at all! I’m about to do likewise.

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