Patty in Paris, illustrations.

September 8, 2007

Patty on the ship.
Frontispiece. A long blue veil tied her trim little hat in place.

Patty and Nan.

“There never was such a dear, lovely, beautiful stepmother  on the face of the earth!”

Patty and Elise.

The next morning the girls spent in packing and getting ready to go ashore.

Patty and Elise and history books quite from choice!

My new favorite image, for reasons that the caption should make pretty clear. I have put this picture up on the door of my dorm room.

Patty, Elise, and Rosamond.

They were all perched on Patty’s big bed — alone at last!

Patty and Elise again.

“I just remember! I left my purse on the seat!”

One comment

  1. Patty does look blonder here.

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