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Patty’s Summer Days, 2/2

September 4, 2007

I have begun a sort of reference page for the Patty Fairfield series. Right now it includes a list of the books and links to available etexts, as well as to the descriptions I’ve written up here. Eventually, I will review all of them (okay, I don’t actually review books, but I don’t know what else to call it). There will also be illustrations. Okay. On with the story.

Rescue of Patty by Mr. Hepworth #2: During Patty’s play, Mr. Hepworth notices that she looks like she’s literally about to topple over from exhaustion. He notices her doctor, Dr. Martin, sitting near him, and tells him that he’s worried. Mr. Hepworth suggests that Dr. Martin goes backstage so that he can start taking care of Patty immediately after the play. Dr. Martin agrees, and asks Mr. Hepworth, who has been helping out with the scenery, to lead the way. They watch the rest of the play from backstage. Just as the audience is applauding the final scene, Mr. Hepworth sees that Patty is about to faint, rings the bell for the curtain to descend, and catches her as she falls(!!!).
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