New Old Books

June 18, 2007

This weekend I was upstate with my family, and on Saturday we visited a used book store that my parents like a lot but where I’ve never found anything particularly interesting. I was about to not find anything interesting again this time, but while I was looking around the little room where they keep the children’s books, one of the store owners — I think — came into the room to get something out of the closet. I looked over his shoulder and saw piles and piles of exactly the kinds of books I wanted, mostly boys’ series like Tom Swift, The Boy Scouts, and Percy Keese Fitzhugh’s boy scout books. The guy let me look through them, and with the help of my father and my brother, who are much taller than I am, I got to look through most of them.

I ended up getting six books: two Tom Swifts (the first Tom Swift — think Tom Swift’s Motorcycle rather than Tom Swift’s Jetmarine), two Fitzhughs (one Tom Slade and one Pee-Wee Harris), one trashy looking women’s novel with nice illustrations and a main character named Sybil, and The Golden Boys in the Maine Woods.

I’ve just finished reading the latter. I am about to post about it, but I can’t figure out how to post two Flickr photos at once, so…

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