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Tracy Park, 6/11

April 2, 2007

Nine years pass. Jerry spells her name “Jerrie” now, which I think is kind of stupid, so I’m going to continue spelling it with a ‘y’. The spelling of her name in the book isn’t all that consistent anyway. She’s grown tall and graceful, and she’s very beautiful, but not spoiled. She’s nineteen and she’s about to graduate from Vassar. Harold is a graduate of Harvard, where he worked to support himself so he wouldn’t have to borrow any more than was necessary from Arthur. He was valedictorian of his class, and Jerry and Maude went to see him graduate.

Maude’s health isn’t so good. She went to Vassar when Jerry, Nina St. Claire, and Ann Eliza Peterkin did, but Maude’s not that bright, so pretty soon she left. She and her mother went abroad for a couple of years, but now they’re back home, and Maude is a bit of an invalid.

Jerry’s in love with Harold, which isn’t terribly surprising. Maude is also in love with Harold, and is really obvious about it, i.e. everyone knows but Harold. Harold is in love with Jerry, of course, but neither of them has said anything to the other about it, and Jerry thinks Harold loves Maude.
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